Ski Pass Prices

Season 2017/18

Thanks to our modern ticket system you only need to buy one ticket. With it you can use all the Skiliftkarussell ski lift facilities.

Tickets for three days or more are valid in eight ski regions in the Wintersport Arena Sauerland (Skiliftkarussell Winterberg, Sahnehang, Willingen, Neuastenberg, Altastenberg, Züschen and Bödefeld Hunau).

Please buy separate tickets for the toboggan lifts.
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You can pay with EC bank cards (Master, V-Pay) at all main check-outs. Payment with credit cards is not allowed.

Day and Half-Day passes

Day Pass
from 9.00 a.m. o'clock
35,- €24,- €
Day Pass
from 11.00 a.m. o'clock
32,- €22,- €
Morning Pass
(valid until 1:00 p.m. o'clock)
24,- €16,- €
Afternoon Pass
(valid from 1:00 p.m. o'clock)
24,- €16,- €

Multi-Day passes

2 Days62,- €42,- €
3 Days75,- €56,- €
4 Days93,- €69,- €
5 Days110,- €79,- €
6 Days125,- €88,- €
7 Days135,- €96,- €

All passes for 3 days or longer are valid in eight ski regions
in the Wintersport Arena Sauerland.

Evening pass / Floodlight

Evening pass 20,- €14,- €
from 8:00 p.m. o'clock15,- €10,- €
from 9:00 p.m. o'clock10,- €8,- €
Group Pass 16,- €11,- €

Evening pass from 6:30 - 10:00 p.m. o'clock
Day passes are not valid at night. 

Family pass (parents and children*)

Parents with 1 Child2 Children
Day Pass
from 9.00 a.m. o'clock
86,- €108,- €
Day Pass
from 11.00 a.m. o'clock
78,- €98,- €
2 Days150,- €188,- €

Score Cards

50 points20,- €13,- €
25 points13,- €8,- €
1 trip3,- €3,- €

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Group Rates

Day Pass
from 9.00 a.m. o'clock
30,- €20,- €
Day Pass
from 11.00 a.m. o'clock
27,- €18,- €

Only valid from Monday to Friday for 20 persons minimum.

Season Passes Skiliftkarussell Winterberg

Daytime Skiing 250,- €160,- €
Evening Skiing 100,- €70,- €
(Day and evening skiing)
320,- €200,- €

Season Passes Wintersport Arena Sauerland

Daytime Skiing 320,- €210,- €
Evening Skiing190,- €120,- €
(Day and evening skiing)
450,- €300,- €

This Season Passes valid in eight ski regions in the
Wintersport Arena Sauerland.

Prices in Euros – Errors and changes may occur.

* Children and youth up 15 years of age. Children up to 5 years of age with identification may ride free accompanied by a paying adult with parental authority. All children must pay for a pass in the ski school.

Reimbursement only in the case of a ski injury. In that case reimbursement will only be made when the ski pass is presented at one of our check-outs. The day of issue of the pass to the presentation at the check-out is considered the time of use of the pass. A doctor’s certificate issued by a local doctor must be presented for a cash reimbursement. A cash reimbursement cannot be made for family members who must leave early because of the injury. Even with a doctor’s certificate in the case of illness no reimbursement is possible.

Ski passes are not transferable. Misuse of the ski tickets including use by third parties will be prosecuted and punished by withdrawal of the ski pass and exclusion from the facility. The attempt to transfer the ski pass to another guest is considered a misuse. A criminal complaint may follow! We would like to advise that at certain check points in the ski region photos are being made for monitoring purposes.

There is no claim for reimbursement in the case of loss, bad weather, closing of the slopes and lifts or early departure.
The prices cited above are also in effect if all the lifts are open or not.

Use of the pistes is at your own risk. The relevant fare and transport conditions are in effect.

Seasonal passes will only be issued on a keycard
with a photograph and address registration.

Misuse will result in withdrawal of the pass
and criminal prosecution.

Season passes are only available at the following check-outs:
Lift 3 (Quick Jet), Lift 5 (Poppenberg I),
Lift 8 (Büre Bremberg X-Press), Lift 10 (Brembergkopf I),
Lift 12 (Rauher Busch) & Lift 25 (Schneewittchen).

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