FAQFrequently Asked Questions

The forest aisle at the cap is a good 1500 m long, blue slope from the Panorama cable car top station down to the Slalomhang valley station

Tickets purchased in the ski lift carousel itself are valid, as are the Ski Lift Carousel+ Card (1-2 days) and the Winter Sports Arena Card (3-7 days). Other tickets from neighbouring ski areas are not valid. In addition to the Winterberg ski lift carousel, the Ski Lift Carousel+ Card ticket network also includes the Postwiesen ski area Neuastenberg, the Sahnehang, the Altastenberg ski carousel and the Ruhrquelle ski area. In addition to those already mentioned, the Willingen ski area and the Bödefeld-Hunau ski area are also part of the Wintersport Arena ticket network.

Yes, because day or afternoon tickets are only valid until 4.30 pm. Floodlit skiing is offered from 6.30 pm to 10 pm. During this time other tickets are valid. You can get them at the lift ticket offices.

Detailed information on hotel rooms of all categories and other overnight accommodations can be obtained from Winterberg Touristik und Wirtschaft GmbH by calling +49 2981 9250-0.

Our season runs from mid-December to mid-March. Thanks to our modern snowmaking system, we can offer you almost uninterrupted winter sports fun during this time. Beyond that, of course, we cannot give any long-term weather forecasts. To find out more about the weather in Winterberg, simply visit our website under the heading "Weather".

Take a look at the panorama map. Depending on whether it is an anchor lift or a chair lift, the lifts carry the corresponding symbols. You can view the map directly on the Internet or download it to your computer. Our ski plans on site also carry these symbols.

Almost all winter sports equipment attached to the foot is permitted as long as it is not motorised. So you can ride snowboards, snowblades and snowscoots. Snowmobiles are not allowed. Snow Tubes are an exception. For safety reasons, they are not allowed on the toboggan slopes or on the ski slopes, as they are hardly controllable. Please note: Not all winter sports equipment, even if it is permitted in principle, can be transported with every lift. We cannot make a general statement about this at this point. This depends on the winter sports equipment and the lift in question.

Of course you can go sledging in the Winterberg ski lift carousel. We have three special toboggan slopes and toboggan lifts (no. 1, no. 16 and no. 20) on Astenstrasse, Kappe and Bremberg. Toboggans can be hired directly at lift no. 1 on the toboggan slope. All ski hire shops in the immediate vicinity of the toboggan lifts also hire out toboggans.

No, the tickets are only valid on consecutive days.

The 10 FIS rules have been issued by the International Ski Federation FIS. They are rules of conduct and not laws. A violation can therefore not be punished legally. But it is generally accepted that this can reduce the dangers on the ski slopes. All skiers and snowboarders must therefore abide by the rules. For their own safety. If there is an accident and a legal dispute in the train, the courts usually base their assessment on the FIS rules. If an accident is due to a breach of the rules, the person who did not follow them is normally liable for the accident. Winter sports enthusiasts should therefore follow these rules for their own sake and for the sake of safety on the slopes.

As soon as enough snow falls, it should be about 30 centimeters. Or as soon as the temperatures drop significantly below 0 degrees over a longer period of time and good conditions for snowmaking are available. At least minus two degrees, better minus four degrees are necessary to make snow.

Please register at the lost property office of the city of Winterberg Fichtenweg 10, 59955 Winterberg

It is possible, however, that the objects will only be delivered there with some delay. That depends on how quickly they're found.

There are discounts for groups of 20 persons or more and for children. The tariffs can be found in the price table. There are no other discounts.

Guests with a 70 per cent disability can obtain a ski day ticket for the price of a children's ticket at the ticket offices on site. To do so, they must present a valid original severely disabled pass. For disabled children with an impairment of 70 percent or more, the accompanying adult receives their ticket at the price of a child's ticket. Whether you can use the lifts depends on the type of disability. For example, wheelchair users cannot use many of the chairlifts. The current safety precautions with the modern locking bars do not allow this. This should not be a problem with the T-bar lifts. But these are not necessarily located near the typical entry points and thus not necessarily in the area of the large car parks.

On good winter sports weekends there may be longer waiting times at some lifts. Here are a few tips: Those who come during the week can make more departures. It is also worth arriving early. Then the typical entry points are much less frequented. After that you choose a beautiful, not so heavily frequented descent. There are some of them, even on weekends! Just take a look around. It's worth it!

There are many rental points at the car parks and entrances to the ski lift carousel. There you can rent ski and snowboard equipment, mostly also toboggans and often also cross-country skis or snowshoes. For information about the respective rental programme and prices, please contact the respective rental agencies. You can find contacts on this website under Ski Resort / Ski Rental.

Some lenders offer depots. Contacts to the rental companies can be found on this website under Ski area / Ski rental companies. Please ask there directly.

A stay with camper van, camping trailer etc. on the parking lots is not permitted overnight. The campsites are intended for this purpose. The campsites have extra pitches for camper vans.

The ski lift carousel Winterberg is an alpine ski area and therefore only shows the lift operation. Information on cross-country ski trails can be found at

In the event of a ski accident, the refund will only be made if the ski pass has been deposited at one of our ticket offices. Day tickets are not refundable. For multi-day tickets, the unused days will be refunded. A certificate from a local doctor must be brought with the cash return. No cash compensation can be paid for family members who leave early with the injured person. No reimbursement will be made in the event of illness.

In principle, it is not possible to make a statement about which winter sports equipment can be transported in the individual lifts. The range is too diverse and new devices are constantly being developed. In addition, the individual lifts have different equipment. Snow bikes or mono-skis of disabled people, for example, cannot be transported in the chair lifts. This is partly for technical reasons, partly we cannot allow such devices in the chair lift due to safety reasons. In the drag lift, on the other hand, transport is possible. We recommend that you play it safe and obtain information at the lift ticket office before buying a ticket and, if necessary, switch to anchor lifts.

Overflying by drones, take-off and landing are strictly prohibited in the entire ski area.