Slope maintenance We provide optimal skiing conditions

PistenspaßTop prepared routes

When the sun goes down and the lifts close, our machinery comes to life. Thanks to the latest technology, our large rollers ensure that the next morning a perfectly groomed and maintained piste is waiting for you!

In the night it snows again? Then it starts again in the morning hours to get the slopes ready for take-off, just like before every floodlit run.

A few Facts

A total of 11 large rollers are in operation in the ski area, preparing an area of 250,000 square metres per hour. On the steep slopes, our sevenwinch rollers are used to prepare even the steepest slopes.

Our piste rollers detect how much snow is underneath them with centimetre precision. So we know exactly how much snow needs to be produced.

The dense artificial snow cover in winter offers special protection to the species-rich mountain meadows.

Our snow depth measurement leads to approx. 10 % energy savings. This is because snow is only produced where it is really needed.