SnowmakingLet it snow!

Here the snow also trickles when the weather doesn't want to do as we do. In the ski lift carousel, one of the largest and most modern snowmaking systems ensures winter sports fun from December to March. If the conditions are right, up to 360 snow guns purr during the night, and in the morning you can look forward to a perfectly groomed slope. 29 runs, including 26 ski slopes and 3 toboggan runs, with a total length of 27 kilometres, are covered with snow by us. The only exceptions are the north slope (No. 13) and the slope at Herrloh (No. 17 & 18).

A return flight of 200 people to the Caribbean consumes as much energy as the basic snowmaking of 65 km of runway.

In order to supply the snow cannons with sustainable energy, a photovoltaic system was erected on the <strong>Remmeswiese.

A Bundesliga match day with 390,000 fans consumes 12 gigawatt hours, 65 km of snow-covered slopes for 600,000 guests consume 3 gigawatt hours per season.

No water is lost during snowmaking, as it returns to the natural cycle after the snow melts. By way of comparison, 120 liters of water are consumed in the production of one glass of wine, which do not return to the cycle.