Frequent Questions

We answer the most important questions about the Skiliftkarussell Winterberg on this page.

How long is the longest piste in the Winterberg ski region?

The longest slope in the Skiliftkarussell is the Waldschneise at Lift Nr. 14. It’s 1200 meters long.

Are the ski passes only valid in the Skiliftkarussell / Where can I use them?

Currently you can use all one to two days passes only in the Skiliftkarussell. They are valid at all lifts except for the toboggan lift (Nr. 20). These passes are not valid in the surrounding ski regions, nor are they valid in the nearby ski regions of Sahnehang and Ruhrquelle. A pass which is valid for three days or more may also be used as a Wintersport-Arena CARD. They are accepted in the ski regions incorporated in the Wintersport Arena Sauerland. There are separate tickets for the toboggan lifts at the check-outs there.

Do I have to buy a separate ticket for floodlight skiing?

Yes. The day or afternoon passes are only valid until 16.30. Floodlight skiing is offered from 18.30 to 22:00. There are separate tickets for this time. You can buy them at the lift check-outs.

Where can I get information about accommodations in Winterberg?

Detailed information about hotel rooms in all categories and other overnight accommodations is available from the Winterberg Touristik and Wirtschaft GmbH by telephone at +49 2981 9250-0.

When is the best time for snow?

Our season runs from mid-December to mid-March. Thanks to our modern snow-making machine we can provide almost continuous winter sport enjoyment during that time. But we can’t issue a long-term weather forecast. To find out more about weather in Winterberg, check out our internet page under "Weather".

How can I find out which lift is at which slope?

Look at the Panorama Map. There are symbols for the T-bar lifts or chairlifts. You can consult the map directly in the internet or download it on your computer. Our on-site ski maps also use these symbols.

Are snowboards / snowblades / snowscoots / snow tubes / snowmobiles allowed on the pistes?

Basically all winter sport equipment which you can fasten on your feet is allowed, as long as it is not motorized. You can also use snowboards, snowblades and snow scoots. Snowmobiles are not allowed. Snow tubes are an exception. For safety reasons they are not allowed on the toboggan slopes or on the ski pistes because they are almost impossible to steer. Please bear in mind: not all winter sport equipment, even if it’s allowed, can be transported on the lifts. More than that at this point we can’t say. That depends on the sport equipment and the relevant lift.

Can I rent sleds in the Skiliftkarussell Winterberg?

Of course you can go sledding in the Skiliftkarussell Winterberg. We have two special toboggan slopes and toboggan lifts (Nr. 1 and 20) on the Astenstrasse and Bremberg. You can rent sleds at Lift Nr. 1 on the toboggan slope. All ski rentals on Parking Lot Nr. 1 rent out sleds and toboggans.

Are tickets from other ski regions valid in the Skiliftkarussell?

Only tickets which have been purchased in the Skiliftkarussell or on the Wintersport-Arena Card are valid. Three to seven day tickets and season tickets are available. In addition to the Skiliftkarussell, the ticket network includes the Postwiesen ski region Neuastenberg, the Sahnehang, the Snow World Züschen, the Skikarussell Altastenberg, the ski region Willingen, the ski region Bödefeld-Hunau and the ski region Ruhrquelle. The Wintersport-Arena Card is available at the Tourist-Information Winterberg and in participating ski regions.

Are multi-day tickets also valid on non-consecutive days?

No. The tickets are only valid on consecutive days.

What happens if I violate FIS Ski Regulations?

The 10 FIS regulations are issued by the International Ski Association, FIS. They cover conduct on the slopes but are not laws. Although violations do not incur legal consequences it is generally acknowledged that they help reduce the dangers on the ski pistes. All skiers and snowboarders must therefore abide by the regulations. For their own safety. If an accident occurs which leads to a legal dispute, the courts will most often base their decision on the FIS regulations. If an accident occurs because of a violation of the regulations, the person who has violated them will normally be held accountable for the accident. Winter sportsmen and women should therefore carefully observe these rules, in their own interest and for the safety on the pistes.

When does the ski season begin?

As soon as there is enough snow, at least 30 centimeters. Or when the temperatures for a longer period of time are below 0 degrees Celsius so that the snow machines can be used. The machines need a temperature of a least minus 2 degrees Celsius, and optimally minus 4 to make snow.

Whom can I inform if I lose something on the slopes?

To claim your lost object please register at the Winterberg Lost and Found at Fichtenweg 10, 59955 Winterberg or by email at buergerservice(at)winterberg.de It can be that the object you are looking for will be brought into the Lost and Found office a bit later. That will depend on how quickly it has been found.

What kind of discounts are available for the tickets?

There are discounts for tickets for groups of 20 persons or more and for children. The rates are indicated on the price list. There are no additional discounts.

Can persons with handicaps ski in the Skiliftkarussell? Do handicapped persons receive a discount?

Guests with a 70 percent handicap receive a day ticket for the price of a children’s ticket. An original handicap ID must be presented. Adults accompanying children with a handicap of 70 percent or more will receive a ticket for the price of a children’s ticket. You may use the lifts depending on the type of handicap. For instance, wheelchair users may not use many of the the chairlifts. Current regulations governing restraining bars do not permit the transport of wheelchairs. This should not be a problem on the T-bar lifts. However these are not necessarily located near a slope entrance or in the vicinity of the large parking lots.

Are there long queues at the lifts?

There can be long queues at the lifts on a good weekend. Here are a few tips: if you can come during the week you can make more runs. It also helps to start early. That will mean that the popular entry points are not so crowded. Look for a beautiful slope with less traffic. There are quite a few of those, even on weekends. Just look around, you’ll find one!

Can I rent equipment, clothing, toboggans , snowshoes, or cross-country equipment? How expensive are equipment and toboggan rentals?

There are many equipment rental operators at the parking lots and entry points to the Skiliftkarussell. You can rent ski and snowboard equipment, most often toboggans or cross-country skis and snowshoes. Information about rental programs and prices are provided by the relevant rental operator. You can find those on this internet site under Ski Region / Ski Rentals.

Are there places to store and secure personal belongings?

Some rental operators offer lockers. You can find them on this internet site under Ski Region / Ski Rentals. Ask them directly.

Can I park with caravans or campers on the Skiliftkarussell parking lots?

Staying overnight in a caravan or camping trailer on the parking lots is not allowed. There are camping sites for that. The camping sites have extra spaces for the caravans.

Where can I get information about the cross-country ski trails?

The Skiliftkarussell Winterberg is an Alpine area with information only about the lifts. Information about the cross-country ski trails is available at www.wintersport-arena.de/nordisch-wandern/skigebiete-und-schneehoehen/

If I have an accident while skiing can I get a refund on the ticket price?

Day tickets are non-refundable. Only the day after the accident on a multiple day pass will be refunded.

Can any winter sport equipment be transported by lift /Which winter sport equipment cannot be transported by lift?

It is not possible to say which winter sport equipment can be transported by lift and which cannot. The equipment variety is too large, with new equipment being introduced all the time. In addition, the individual lifts have different technical features. For instance, snow bikes or handicapped persons with mono-skis cannot be transported in the chair lifts. This is sometimes the case for technical reasons and sometimes for reasons of safety in the chairlift. On the other hand, transport on the T-bar lift is possible. In order to stay on the safe side, we recommend getting information at the lift check-out before you your ticket to and if necessary, finding a site with a T-bar lift.