Everything for the little ones

Lift facilities for children

It doesn’t matter if they’re skiing or riding a toboggan, the smaller winter sport fans will find what they need here. The little ones experience their first swings on the practice lifts at Herrloh (Nr. 17, 18, 19), Bremberg (Nr. 9, 10, 11), Landallift (Nr. 23), the Astenstraße (Nr. 1) or at the Käppchen (Nr. 15 and 16). The grounds are relatively level, easy to maintain an overview and have plenty of room to practice.

They can ride up the mountain especially comfortably and safely on the conveyor belts on the chairlifts at Rauher Busch, Poppenberg, Kappe and Herrloh.

Learn to ski from a professional

The ski schools will quickly and safely teach beginners of all ages how to ski. In order that the little ones have fun while they’re learning, the operators have set up a colorful Kinderland at Herrloh (Nr. 21).

There, on about 10,000 square meters the Skiliftkarussell has prepared an expansive, colorful playground with a „magic carpet “, colorful figures, a teepee and different obstacle courses. There’s also a Kinderland at the four-seater chairlifts at Rauher Busch (Nr. 12) with many games and a conveyor belt.

Toboggan lifts offer diversion

The chairlifts at Astenstraße (Nr. 1) also offer winter sport enjoyment for the little ones. The facility can be accessed via Parking Lot Nr. 1 beneath the Winterberg St.-Georg ski jump.

There‘s another toboggan lift at Bremberg (Nr. 20) which you can reach from Parking Lot Nr. 2.

At Kappe (No.16), a conveyor belt brings both tobogganers and skiers up to reach the large car park P3. The conveyor belt at Kinderland am Herrloh (No. 21) also carries sledgers.

To the toboggan lifts

Children are welcome with us

That’s also true for restaurants and ski huts.

Many of them offer children’s portions on the menu. Or just ask.