Fun without sun

Skiing by night

Skiing by floodlight is a special attraction in the Skiliftkarussell Winterberg. There is no more continuous floodlighting in an area covered with man-made snow in all West Germany.

  • 14 floodlight slopes
  • 8 kilometers total distance
  • All floodlit slopes are maintained with man-made snow, so they’re snow guaranteed

Lift facilities with floodlighting:

  • Quick Jet (Nr. 3)
  • Poppenberg I (Nr. 5)
  • Büre-Herrloh (Nr. 6)
  • Kleine Büre (Nr. 7)
  • Büre Bremberg X-Press (Nr. 8)
  • Poppenberg II (Nr. 10a)
  • Rauher Busch (Nr. 12)
  • Übungslift Herrloh I (Nr. 17)
  • Sürenberg (Nr. 22)

Opening times with enough snow:

Every Tuesday and Friday from 18.30-22.00.

(You can find out whether lifts are open on the Lift-and Slope Info web page)

In order to ski by floodlight you can buy additional tickets at the relevant lift check-outs. All one-day and multi-day tickets are not valid at this time.

You can find an overview of all tickets on the Ski Pass Prices web page.